Barry's Bespoke Bakery A short film by Denis McArdle

Barry's Bespoke Bakery
Barry’s Bespoke Bakery at the Fastnet Short Film Festival

For any Corkonian fans (or fans-to-be) out there, we can now announce that Barry’s Bespoke Bakery is going to be screening at the Fastnet Short Film Festival in Schull, Co. Cork.

The final list of films in competition hasn’t yet been finalised, but we are still in consideration.

Fastnet doesn’t work like most other film festivals. Famously, the village doesn’t even have a cinema; instead they host the films on a local server. Venues and people with access to the network within the village can stream the films to their smartphone, computer or tablet.

We really hope that you’ll take some time to check out our film – just make sure you have quick access to pastries to sate your inevitable hankering after you’ve watched it!

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