Barry's Bespoke Bakery A short film by Denis McArdle

Photograph taken by Nathalie Márquez Courtney

Director’s Statement

Responding to the call by the Irish Film Board to make a short film with a food theme, I found myself visualising baked goods and the setting of a bakery came to mind. The idea of two odd & distinct characters seemed to have comic potential. I fashioned the script to evoke the smells of freshly baked bread and cinnamon. I wanted to create something light and sweet.

We spent a long time in casting, but this was an enjoyable process. We saw a lot of good local actors who responded to the demands of the script. I am very happy to have found the characters of this story embodied in Michael Bates and Steve Gunn.

There were many challenges in the execution of the film. It was ambitious in scale requiring bespoke signage, embroidered costumes, set-dressing. I was flattered by how many of the crew responded to the script…the beautiful images created by cinematographer Richie Donnelly, the expertise of our food stylists Erica Ryan & Paul Kelly, our buyer Gemma ferreting out props, our production assistant Marie staying up all night to personalise place-settings are among many fond memories.

The commitment continued in post-production, in particular the creativity of the editor Jeanine Hurley and all the sound team at Screen Scene. On behalf of producer Ben Keenan and myself I would like to convey my gratitude to everyone who contributed to making this film. I am most grateful.

It belongs to the audience now.

Denis McArdle